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Social Proof Client Attractor

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Social Proof Client Attractor - Land More Clients With Ease

Are you struggling to attract high-quality clients to your freelance business? Do you want to differentiate yourself in a crowded market and increase your revenue? Look no further than Social Proof Client Attractor!

This comprehensive training will teach you how to effectively use social proof to build trust with potential clients and showcase your expertise.


✅ Understand the Power of Social Proof: One of the most important takeaways from this training is the understanding of how social proof can be used to build trust with potential clients and showcase expertise. Social proof is a powerful tool that can help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market and attract more high-quality clients.

✅  Display Social Proof Effectively: Even if you have great social proof, it's useless if you don't display it effectively. The training  + Action Plan covers various places where social proof can be displayed, Along with a checklist to help you do an audit of where you are currently displaying social proof. By learning how to display social proof in these places, you'll will be able to increase their credibility and attract more clients.

✅  Use Various Forms of Social Proof: The training covers various forms of social proof, including testimonials, referrals, case studies, and earned media. By learning how to use these forms of social proof effectively, you'll be able to attract more clients to your business and increase your revenue. Additionally, the training provides templates and resources that you can use to implement these strategies faster.


1. Deep Dive Video Training Session – Gain exclusive access to in-depth video training sessions that guide you through each step of collecting and displaying Social Proof.

2. Comprehensive Action Plan Guide – Accompanying the video training sessions, you'll receive a meticulously curated action plan guide that outlines each step of the process in a clear and concise manner. This guide serves as your roadmap, ensuring you stay on track and implement the strategies effectively. While also providing real-world examples.

3. Testimonial Request Form + Email Template: Receive a tried-and-tested testimonial request form template that you can recreate in your CRM and then an email template to send to all current, past, and future clients.

4. Referral Request Email Template: Maximize your chances of securing referrals by simply asking for them from the people who already love working with you. This template will take the stress and sweat out of asking for referrals.

5. HARO Response Template: Ready to dive into the world of publications and be featured in social proof? I've put together a HARO response template that I've used to get featured in publications like Social Media Today, Digital Marketer, US News and more.

6. Displaying Social Proof Checklist: Don't ever wonder again all the places to display your social proof. I've created a full checklist for you to make sure that you display it in as many places as possible. (and several you've probably never even thought out).


Yes, it is available inside of Serve Scale Soar® membership. As long as you are a member of SSS you will have access to all Action Plans + Deep Dive Trainings. If you leave SSS you will no longer have access.

This is a digital download. Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a PDF download. That download will have instructions on how to access your Action Plan, Deep Dive Video Training, and Templates.

This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship.


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