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How To Craft An Offer That Sells Like Hotcakes and Lights You Up

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Let's Create An Offer That Sells Like Hotcakes & Lights You Up

In this workshop, I'll guide you through the three steps to crafting an offer that sells like hotcakes and one that you'll be excited to market and design. Throughout this workshop, you'll not only learn the steps, but you'll also be implementing them.


  1. YOUR SELLABLE OFFER TOPIC -During the workshop, we will decide on the specific topic for your offer. We are not just talking about a generic "Facebook ad course". We aim to get hyper-specific so that we can craft an offer that will stand out and sell like hotcakes, not blend into the crowd. (Don't worry, it doesn't have to be the same as your services to sell.
  2. YOUR DELIVERABILITY SWEETSPOT™ - Have you ever wondered what the best way to deliver your program is? Should you offer a low-priced item, a course, a membership, or group coaching? With so many choices, how do you decide on the best option for you? In the second part of the workshop, we'll help you map out your Deliverability Sweetspot™. This will not only make business sense, but it will also align with your lifestyle goals.
  3. GOAL ACHIEVER PRICE™- One of the biggest roadblocks people encounter when creating a program is pricing it. Often, they either price it without much consideration or price it way too low. Let me show you how to use a pricing formula specific to your offer and how to set prices with your revenue goals in mind.

🎉 2 Part Workshop Recordings (over 5 hours of trainings)

🎉 Offer Creation Workbook

🎉 Private Podcast so you can listen on the go

🎉 BONUS: Naming Your Program Bonus Training

🎉 BONUS: 30 Day Beta Launch Plan


Will this work if I want to create a program but I'm not sure what topic to choose?

Not a problem at all. During the workshop, I’ll help you come up with topic ideas (it doesn't have to be related to your services) and choose an offer topic that makes sense for your business, your audience, your goal, and most importantly, one that lights you up.

I've already tried to launch a program before and it was a flop is this for me?

There are so many reasons why a "launch" could flop. And usually, it's due to 3 things. 1. Wrong offer for the wrong audience. 2. The messaging wasn't talking to your audience's needs or wants. 3. The launch method.

During this workshop, we will address the first two, which are the most common. Your messaging, audience, and offer are so critical in creating a program (even more important than the content itself).

Now, we won't have time to cover launch methods however, we will give a launch roadmap as a bonus.

Does this come with a private podcast?

Yes, it does! Since it's 5 hours of content we wanted you to be able to take it with you and listen on the go. Because let's be real this is a topic that you'll want to listen on repeat.

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This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship.

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