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Package Pricing Prep School

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Ready To Package & Price Your Services With Confidence?

This step-by-step course will guide you through the four elements of scalable pricing and the six-step process for packaging your services with confidence. This process not only helped me scale my service-based business to $250K per year but also allowed me to scale my entire business to over $3 million in revenue in the last four years. It has also worked for the hundreds of 1:1 service providers who have implemented it in their businesses.

I not only provide you with the strategy to price and package your services with confidence but also offer tools to accelerate your results and attract premium clients.

Upon completion, Package Pricing Prep School will help you overcome imposter syndrome, create premium-priced services, and develop a clear roadmap to achieve your revenue goals, no matter their size.

This course will keep you coming back each and every time you update your pricing or change your services.


✅ How to confidently price and package your services

✅ How to price your services based on your goals and not based on time.

✅ What action to take in order to hit your revenue goals

✅ How to create a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.


    1. 6 Module Deep-Dive Actionable Micro Course - Inside these 6 actionable, no-fluff modules you'll learn the exact steps for pricing and packaging your services. Also, you'll define your revenue goals and the action steps you need to take to hit them.

    2. Revenue Goal Calculator: I'm giving you my most raved-about calculator that takes your revenue goals and breaks down the monthly action steps you need to take to hit your goals. Spoiler alert! Your pricing has a TON to do with it.

    3. Package Pricing Google Sheet Workbook - This Google sheet is where you will keep all your action items as you work through the course. You'll keep your packages, pricing, and goals, and I even give you a year-long tracking sheet to be able to track your goals and progress inside your business.

    4. NEW BONUS: Private Podcast Feed - listen to the workshop on the go with a private podcast audio feed of the entire training.

    I Already Bought Serve Scale Soar, Do I Need This Too?

    I teach package and pricing inside SSS already. However, if you're still feeling stuck we have several students who have gone through this course and are able to finally package and price their services with confidence. This is much more in-depth training on pricing and packages.

    I Don’t Have A Service-Based Business Yet. Do I Need This?

    Only if you plan on starting a freelancer/VA/service-based business. And if you're like yes I do, then oh heck yes! This is the perfect place to start because this is the most important part of starting your business.


    Yes, it does! Since it's several hours of content we wanted you to be able to take it with you and listen on the go. Because let's be real this is a topic that you'll want to listen on repeat and come back to everytime you're ready to change your pricing.

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    This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship.